Hashbon Intro
Hashbon FiRe crypto payment ecosystem is powered by both DeFi and CeFi products. In September 2021, Hashbon introduces the Hashbon Rocket CDEX.

Hashbon FiRe Ecosystem

We are craving to FInovate and REinvent the current crypto payment landscape, offering a diversified ecosystem that includes:
In 2021, Hashbon brightly sparkles on the cryptocurrency market scene — burning the frames, limits and barriers like a FiRe. “Finance Reinvented” became our mission and moto appealing to all crypto enthusiasts and community craving for new era of blockchain and decentralized finance development.

The people's choice

Hashbon has been attracting media attention since the beginning of 2021 due to the “client-oriented approach” and a “true revolution in the crypto payments market”.
"This is a true revolution in the crypto payments market: Hashbon maintains 0% commission for processing and accepting payments in any cryptocurrency. For example, if a client makes a BTC payment, the merchant gets the same sum to their account (excluding the cryptocurrency network’s transaction fee). Furthermore, the Hashbon payment gateway has a straightforward and blazing fast integration setup, as it only requires one line of code. Compared to Stripe’s seven lines of code, integrating Hashbon is a no-brainer."

Low fees

Hashbon disrupts its rivals with unique market advantages and product features, e.g.:
  • 0% commission for crypto payments processing,
  • 1 day integration with only 1 line of code,
  • 30+ major cryptocurrencies and plans to expand this variety,
  • Mandatory internal antifraud checks before any transaction,
  • Mass payouts including cross-border and freelance ones,
  • Secure and following standard European AML policy,
  • 5+ languages localization and intuitive interfaces.


Diversifying the ecosystem, we enrich our services with DeFi-platform in 2021. Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, Hashbon Rocket doesn’t hold your funds when you trade: you have 100% ownership of your own crypto.


  • Funds security and safety while operating contract are provided by transparent logic and definitive splitting of the action accessing rights.
  • Motivation systems for the Arbiters and sanctions for the fraud are guaranteed safety for cross-chain interaction.
  • Contracts are based on open-source and proved library OpenZeppelin
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