Pre-Sale: Claim HASH
1. Go to the and click "Get HASH"
2. Type an email as login and password in the fields and click "Sign up". This will create your account.
3. Now, you can type your email with password and click "Log in" to get into the system.
4. Now you can proceed the KYC-procedure by Sum&Sub*. Firstly, you need to read the Consent to Personal Data Processing and agree with it.
*Sum&Sub is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Supports 256-bit TLS encryption on every device and work under European Jurisdiction.
For more info you can check their website:
5. Choose your country and the type of document for verification. Upload the chosen verification document. Please be patient, it can take a while for verification.
6. Now connect the MetaMask wallet. Please check that you use the same MetaMask account which you used earlier for Hashbon Rocket Pre-Sale participation.
7. Now you can claim your tokens. Make sure that the MetaMask network is the same as the network of the tokens you bought on the pre-sale.
8. Click "Claim ... HASH" and accept the MetaMask transaction to get HASH into your wallet.
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