Setup MetaMask (WEB)
You need to install industry-proven MetaMask wallet in order to use Hashbon services and acquire HASH tokens. This guide will help you do it.

How To Setup a MetaMask Wallet and Get HASH

Step 1. To start with, you need to install and set up a cryptocurrency wallet, e. g. MetaMask (in case you don’t have it yet). Let’s presume that you have a PC with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave Inc. Brave or Microsoft Edge browser or a Google Android or Apple iOS smartphone.
a) You need to download and install MetaMask wallet to your PC. To do this, please click the following link:
b) In the centre of the newly opened Web page click button with caption: “Install MetaMask for (name of your browser)”. The new Web page with a suggestion to install MetaMask wallet will open.
c) On newly opened Web page click button with caption like “Install”, “Get” or “Add to (name of your browser)” (depending on your browser).
d) The dialogue inviting to continue installation will appear. You should click a button with caption like “Allow”, “Allow Installation”, “Continue” or “Continue Installation” — downloading of MetaMask wallet will begin. Please wait until it ends and new dialogue will appear:
e) In the dialogue appeared, click the button with caption “Add”, “Add plugin” or “Add extension” (depending on your browser). You are redirected to the initial configuration page of MetaMask.
f) Click “Get Started”, then “Create a Wallet” button:
g) If you wish to help MetaMask creators improve it click “I Agree”; otherwise click “No Thanks” button.
h) Make up a string consisting of at least 8 characters. This string will be your password for MetaMask service. Enter the string in 2 fields on this page: in field under words “New password (min 8 chars)” and in field under “Confirm password” caption. Check the square before the words “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use”. Click on “Create” button.
i) MetaMask automatically created the so-called backup phrase for you to be able to recover your new wallet if you lose access to your MetaMask account in future. You can store it in your computer (preferred storage is one that is not connected to Internet) or somewhere else:
j) Push “Click Here to Reveal Secret Words” button and save the revealed phrase on your computer or other place. Click “Next” button. Confirm your Secret Backup phrase by selecting each word in order.
k) MetaMask wallet is installed. Click “All Done” button.
Step 2. Your new wallet does not understand HASH tokens yet so the next step is adding requested tokens to MetaMask.
a) Click “Start swapping” button:
b) In order to receive your tokens you must change the network you use to Binance Smart Chain instead of default Ethereum network. Please click on button called “Ethereum Mainnet” on top right corner of the page. You will see list of available networks:
c) Choose “Custom RPC” option from this list. Appearance of working window will change. Now enter following data in according fields:
After that, these fields should look like this:
d) Click “Save” button and wait until the words “Binance Smart Chain” will appear in the column on left side of the screen. Choose
e) Click “Add Token” button on the bottom of the screen. There will appear a window called “Add Tokens”.
f) On top of the screen, choose the “Custom Token” tab.
g) Paste the following string into the field under words “Token Contract Address”: 0xeb1112ac78d537853150e2a07e8b765e29d3f019. Click “Next” button.
h) Click “Add Tokens” button. The MetaMask wallet main screen now shows HASH tokens.
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