Hashbon Rocket Stake (BEP-20)
1. Navigate to and click "Launch DAPP".
2. Click on "Connect to wallet" and connect your MetaMask wallet. Then, go to the "Stake" tab through the top menu.
3. Click on Enable, to interact with the Staking Contract.
4. Confirm permissions through the MetaMask pop-up window.
5. Enter the amount of HASH Tokens you want to stake in the pool and then click on "Confirm". Make sure you have enough BNB to cover any transaction costs. The network (Binance Smart Chain) will ask for a fee every time you interact with the smart contract, so keep that in mind as we go forward.
6. Confirm that you are not a US citizen/resident and never were at any point in the past by confirming the Message. This signature will permanently remain in the Contract once the agreement has been signed.
7. Now you can track your staking progress. If you want to claim Earned HASH, click on "Collect".
8. Click on “Confirm” to collect your earned HASH.
9. Now you have the option to add your earned HASH to the staking pool. Click on "+", type the number HASH you want to add to the pool, then click "Confirm".
10. If you’d like to withdraw all your HASH, you’ll need to collect your earned HASH by clicking “Harvest” and confirming this action through MetaMask. Afterwards, you’ll need to click on “-“ to unstake your HASH.
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