Hashbon Rocket: exchange between ERC-20 and BEP-20
  1. 1.
    Go to the and click "Launch App"
2. Click "Connect wallet" into upper right corner and login into your MetaMask wallet.
3. After the MetaMask wallet has been connected, the HASH Token icon will be lighting green.
4. Choose the blockchain & token you would like to be exchanged
5. Choose the blockchain & token you would like to receive
6. Now, you can type into filed "From" amount of token you want to receive OR type into "To" amount token you want to spend and click "Create order". If you want to receive ERC-20 token, you should change your network at MetaMask window into "Ethereum Mainnet". In this manual it is example, how change BEP-20 token into ERC-20.
7. Accept order creation on MetaMask. Now, it is about 30 second to create order for token exchange.
8. Now go to the Orders menu. There are all orders you ever created. You can switch network in MetaMask menu between ERC-20 and BEP-20 to see orders in different chains. After you order is created - click "Pay" to go next step.
9. You have 1 hour to pay order. You need to set network in MetaMask token which you want to exchange. Click on "Change chain" and accept network switching.
10. Click on "Pay" and accept MetaMask transaction.
11. After Order has been successfully paid, please move back to the Orders page to withdraw your purchased tokens and don't forget to switch your Metamask back to Network, where you will get your exchanging tokens.
12. Click on "Withdraw" and accept transaction on MetaMask. If you don't see your order, change MetaMask network.
13. Congratulations! You've exchanged token from BEP-20 into ERC-20.
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